The Dream Team

  1. Minday Plauska

    My name is Minday Plauska. I'm one of founders and Managing Director of Double Impact Marketing. In my teens I dreamt of working in Government or being a Constitutional Judge. I graduated International Relationships and Law and started internship in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania. Few months later I was getting restless surrounded by people twice my age who were happy to go to work just to pay their bills and were completely security driven. My drive is Freedom and Contribution. Very boring role, no team environment and no clear progression were main factors why 22 year old traveler showed up in Manchester University to do Postgraduate studies. My 1st job in UK was room attendant in Radisson SAS Hotel. I asked to be a waiter so I could improve my English before Uni and I was told I will have to stay in one role for at least 6 months to be transferred. My supervisor was there 6 years earning £2 p/h more then me. Patience wasn't necessary my strength so I started applying to any roles where I could improve my confidence and communication skills in English. That’s how I found Brand Ambassador role. I was instantly struck by genuine energy of the team, work ethic and commitment to personal growth of so many young people and most importantly for me - development and progression based on your development and contribution, not external judgment of a superior body. Fast forward 3 years we set up Double Impact Marketing with 3 like- minded individuals and currently we got 3 Independent Marketing Companies in our Group and our own building in London. We won numerous international awards, had a chance to represent largest brands in the world, consulted marketing Companies in USA, Canada and even Russia. Our goal is to continue growing affecting people's lives around us. Developing people's confidence, communication skills and emotional intelligence in Brand Ambassador Role and Leadership skills, Business Acumen and Goal Setting for future entrepreneurs in Business Development side of our company. Ultimately we want to have over 100 locations worldwide coaching and developing ambitious individuals and directly contribute millions of pounds the poorest people in our societies providing them equal opportunities to choose their life.

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  2. Indre Bendoriute

    My name is Indre. I'm a co-founder and Managing Director of Double Impact Marketing. I graduated International Relationships and Law and did my Internship in Ministry of Defense. I didn’t really enjoy the role and decided to continue my postgraduate studies in UK. I got accepted to Manchester University to study International Political Economy and was working in hospitality at the same time. Minday's initial success in Brand Ambassador role inspired me to give it a go. I'm naturally extremely hard working and very competitive person. Even thou English wasn't my 1st language I picked up sales very quickly as all I had to do was copy the best examples and follow simple steps. In my 1st month I already outperformed everyone in our marketing company and was No 3 in all UK in our sales organisation. I took my sales skills into coaching and developed the strongest sales team in Europe in energy sales at the time. In 2008 me and Minday decided to put our experiences together and set up our own Marketing Company. That’s how Double Impact Marketing began. We created incredible business with amazing people, traveled the world and won numerous awards. Since 2012 I became a mum and I mostly work from home as a coach and consultant. Most beautiful thing for me about sales and coaching is that it allows me to have a great lifestyle, home educate my kids, invest in properties and still support other people in they business ventures. Even if I'm not in the office on day to day basis anymore - I'm always there available to support most ambitious individuals and share my knowledge and experiences. We got massive goals in the future and I'm confident that we have built right team around us to continue the growth and development even beyond our own expectations.

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  3. Hannah Meadowcroft

    Hi my name is Hannah. I’m business administrator for Double Impact Marketing. Before I worked in administration in engineering firm which wasn’t much fun, no progression and I was dealing with piles of paperwork daily. Working for Double Impact is completely different. The team here became like my family. I’m responsible for recruitment - meeting and greeting people on their 1 st day in the company and business development - supporting new directors in their 1 st months running their businesses. I really enjoy the atmosphere in the office, chatting to people on the phone and face-to- face and more importantly as company is growing coaching and consulting administrators of new marketing companies.

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  • Vishal Kapoor Managing Director of V5 Marketing

    I was at Westminster University studying Business Management, I left in my second year as I felt I wasn't learning enough and it didn't make sense to me to learn business from someone who had never ran a business. I then started pursuing a career in the airline industry as a pilot. I needed to save money and build confidence before I started the course. My biggest hurdle was my confidence and self belief. I was a very shy and nervous person when I started. I knew I was like that but didn't like that fact and was willing to break comfort zones to change. Through speaking to people face to face daily, I overcame this and have since done multiple talks and speeches. One being in front of over 100 Marketing Company Owners.

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  • Alice Buhusi Managing Partner

    I Graduated as a language teacher in Romania. Communications was always one thing I was very passionate about. Hence why, after graduating University, I pursued a career in journalism, travelling all over Europe & documenting & writing about some of most sensitive topics of that time. After relocating to London, I felt I needed a change of career & get involved in new opportunities. I love meeting & speaking with new people, I love travelling & exploring new places & so when I got the position within Double Impact Marketing, I knew straight away I could do all of that. What I enjoy the most working here is the continuous self-development programme. There is so much coaching for both new & experienced Brand Ambassadors, at every level. I successfully ran my own marketing company in the past but I realised that to achieve my ultimate goals I needed a little bit more coaching and support that’s why returned to Business Development Programme in Double Impact Marketing. My short term goals are re-establish Visionary Organisation Ltd. and continue investing in properties in up and coming EU countries. Ultimately I would like grow my business internationally, support my partner in his business ventures, have a great family and work as independent business consultant.

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  • Reece Maguire Team Leader

    My name is Reece Maguire. Before making my career change, I was working in hospitality for nearly 7 years, making may way from washing glasses to actually managing venues across London.  At some point however I felt like I hit a wall. There were not many opportunities to progress as the next step would have been becoming a branch manager, which would not have been possible anytime soon. I always knew I was good at communication and that I loved interacting with people. So I decided to look for a sales and customer service role to work towards my strengths.  The thing I love most about this role is the business development program. Your educational or professional background does not matter. You can move up as quick as you want to. As long as you're determined and have a strong work ethic, you will succeed. My future goals is to become a business partner and run my own sales and marketing firm. I would want to open just outside London. E.g. Kent/Watford. I want to one day open my own chain of bars, become financially independent and retire my parents.

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  • Joaquin Hensler

    Hi my names Joaquin Hensler. Before I started in Double Impact Marketing was studying sports science. I chose to try sales to improve my communication skills and build my confidence and self belief. I love working with different types of people, I enjoy that I have control over my own income every week. Most important for me is opportunity to develop myself and progress at my own pace based on my performance not someone else's opinion. In the future I'm planning to run my own successful business and build financially secure future for myself and my family. I want to retire my parents and have time and residual income to travel the world and enjoy my hobbies.

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  • Peter Raev

    My name is Petar Raev Previously to this I was working in variety of jobs mainly in retail for over 5 years, where I learned a lot about customer service and communication skills. In the mean time I was also student in university with Civil Engineering degree followed by Event and Business Management.  I always liked to have the freedom to choose my progress and I learned that in retail i have no control over my income or progression regardless of how much harder I worked then anyone else. The reason I started working in this role is because it gave me the opportunity to learn from some the best mentors in the country, skills that will assist me to build my own business from scratch What I enjoy the most in the business is the endless support from the team, learning new skills and coaching others regardless of their background or experience to achieve their personal and professional goals too. In the future I will use sales and coaching skills developed here to set up my own marketing company. I want to have No1 sales team in Europe and give the same opportunity to other ambitious entrepreneurs in years to come.

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  • I thank Minday and Double Impact Marketing for giving me the opportunity for teaching me the skills that will last me for a life time. It is only when I left and worked for other companies that I realised how much time and effort they put in to change your life. The skills it takes to speak to a compete stranger that I have never met, whilst having a smile on your face doing it. A work ethic that is so strong that other companies wouldn't know it exists, without seeing it. The ambition and work ethic of the company is so great that you will receive more sales training in a week than 90% of companies would teach you in a year! If you are reading and you work for the company then you love every word you have read. If you are looking for a new challenge in life and are ready to change... then call and ask how to join. Thank you for the time I had and respect to everyone who is part of the journey. Jaimie Yates

  • Best company I've worked for in my life!!. Amazing environment, loads of opportunities and incredible sense of professionalism. A pleasure to be a part of this team and hope to see everyone soon. I recommend it to everyone! Moha Sumareh

  • One of the most amazing atmospheres to work in, young energetic individuals that you can learn from everyday. Chance to progress and develop at your own pace. Chance to work your own hours and develop new skills. Sioban Tattan

  • Amazing people and a fun office to be in, the people there are genuine and very helpful, and it gives you a unique experience that will shape on one's life for good! Clinton Oluwarotimi Oluwatobi Adeyemo

  • Working at double impact marketing was really fun, I had the opportunity to work with some really positive, ambitious and like minded people and I can only look back and be proud of the transferrable skills I learnt most notably in customer service. Today I work as a Technology consultant for Morgan Stanley, 65% of my job is providing great customer service inline with transforming client experiences. This is only possible because of my time at double impact where I learnt how be positive at all times, to be customer focus and really think out of the box, from the culture, to the atmosphere it was indeed a wonderful experience one which will leave with me forever. When I think of double impact I think of one big family that is united in achieving a common goal (Success)'' Team work makes the dream work'' Special thanks to Minde ,Indre and Raj and the entire team who made double impact felt like a second home to me during my time there!! Best, George Isibor

  • One of the best run and most consistent marketing companies I've ever had the pleasure to work with!!!! Peter Curtain