"Born to Sell" vs Learn to Earn Most of our clients are major blue-chip national or international companies; some are the largest non-profit organizations in UK that are extremely safeguarding their reputation. Here in Double Impact we do not believe in “gift of the gab” or engage in any “pushy” sales activities and we do not recruit people from these types of sales backgrounds. We develop all our team in-house so we commit together to the same values and high customer service standards from day 1.


View our 6 most powerful
sales skills below.

What’s in it for you? About 10% of UK work force is in sales. That’s more then 3 mln people and growing. If we describe sales as “convincing and persuading people to give up something they value for something you got” or non-sales selling; we realize that even 90% of people who not in sales spend 41% of they time actually selling, and they ability to “move people” is crucial to their career. So whether you are planning to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant or CEO ability to influence others will be the deciding factor of the heights of your career. (D.Pink “To Sell is Human”)

View our 6 most powerful sales skills below
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    Communication skills. some studies show that people reach adulthood having had conversations with about 1000 different people. All your communication skills will be based on who, how and where you communicated in the past. In our promotions team we meet 1000 people every 2-3 weeks, we target our audience and we control all those conversations. Sales is by far the fastest way to develop language or communication skills.

  2. 2

    Self-Belief. Most people have been taught to avoid failure. True lessons come from failure. Overcoming failure is by far the most powerful gift to your self-esteem. In promotions we fail hundred of times every week before we succeed - that's why we are so confident we will succeed in our next step too. We are confident because we know failure is just feedback to our action, that we can improve any time we choose to.

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    Self-Motivation. It is a performance-based industry without seniority in pay or advancement structure. The most motivated person will earn the most and progress further. Period.

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    Emotional Intelligence or E.Q. It is the most sought after skill in the 21st CENTURY. Valued much higher by any employer or business partner than I.Q. Sales role is the best field to learn how to manage your own and even your customer emotions. Understanding that you can't control events in your life - but you can decide.

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    GRIT. In other words courage, persistence, resilience, achievement, long-term focus. According to Forbes, companies like Microsoft and other employers value GRIT much higher than grades and creating tests in recruitment process to measure the chance of candidates' long term success.

  6. 6

    Personal Achievement. "You are a product of your environment - surround yourself with the best". Most people in our company do have massive ambitions in their lives; there are a lot.

In the end of 2008 we started company with a team of 3 people and huge Vision. Our goals never changed – 100+ Marketing Companies and over 1000 professional Brand Ambassadors contracted to our Team. Representing Clients in Residential, Events and Business-to-Business avenues in Europe, Asia and America. Not only we have already built our team close to 70 Brand Ambassadors in UK, we did consult and mentored partners in NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, Düsseldorf and Moscow. We already got 3 people that fully completed Business Advancement Program and are running their own successful Marketing Firms in our Group. Due to recent economic slowdown the demand for our services is at all time high, so we are constantly looking for more ambitious individuals who could be capable to do a career with us. There is no traditional hierarchy in Double Impact Marketing as we do judge people based on their ability to provide the service – nothing else. We do start everybody on a sales program, as a lot of basic business and character development will start there. On top of sales skills mentioned above successful entrepreneurs will develop and progress based on

  • Leadership

    ability to "show" the best example and lead from the front.

  • Recruitment

    ability to select right candidates, prepare them for the role and work with the team.

  • Coaching and mentoring

    ability to mentor sales skills, motivate and coach independent thinking to new Brand Ambassadors.

  • Managing

    ability manage campaigns, sales team, staff and run marketing company.

  • Consulting

    ability to pass on the knowledge, delegate and replace yourself many times.


  • I thank Minday and Double Impact Marketing for giving me the opportunity for teaching me the skills that will last me for a life time. It is only when I left and worked for other companies that I realised how much time and effort they put in to change your life. The skills it takes to speak to a compete stranger that I have never met, whilst having a smile on your face doing it. A work ethic that is so strong that other companies wouldn't know it exists, without seeing it. The ambition and work ethic of the company is so great that you will receive more sales training in a week than 90% of companies would teach you in a year! If you are reading and you work for the company then you love every word you have read. If you are looking for a new challenge in life and are ready to change... then call and ask how to join. Thank you for the time I had and respect to everyone who is part of the journey. Jaimie Yates

  • Best company I've worked for in my life!!. Amazing environment, loads of opportunities and incredible sense of professionalism. A pleasure to be a part of this team and hope to see everyone soon. I recommend it to everyone! Moha Sumareh

  • One of the most amazing atmospheres to work in, young energetic individuals that you can learn from everyday. Chance to progress and develop at your own pace. Chance to work your own hours and develop new skills. Sioban Tattan

  • Amazing people and a fun office to be in, the people there are genuine and very helpful, and it gives you a unique experience that will shape on one's life for good! Clinton Oluwarotimi Oluwatobi Adeyemo

  • Working at double impact marketing was really fun, I had the opportunity to work with some really positive, ambitious and like minded people and I can only look back and be proud of the transferrable skills I learnt most notably in customer service. Today I work as a Technology consultant for Morgan Stanley, 65% of my job is providing great customer service inline with transforming client experiences. This is only possible because of my time at double impact where I learnt how be positive at all times, to be customer focus and really think out of the box, from the culture, to the atmosphere it was indeed a wonderful experience one which will leave with me forever. When I think of double impact I think of one big family that is united in achieving a common goal (Success)'' Team work makes the dream work'' Special thanks to Minde ,Indre and Raj and the entire team who made double impact felt like a second home to me during my time there!! Best, George Isibor

  • One of the best run and most consistent marketing companies I've ever had the pleasure to work with!!!! Peter Curtain